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playa del carmen

Over the 12 years of experience here in Playa, we've been able to manage beautiful condos, villas and vacation rentals near to the beach of Playa del Carmen with all the ammenities you could desire....

Playa del Carmen Vacation Rentals

Vacation rentals in Playa del Carmen are perfect if you are young (or not that young) and you are looking a nice place to stay... we have the perfect villa or condo in a nice AND exclusive zone to ensure you never forget your time in Playa del Carmen! This is just a small sample: 

          PEREGRINAS                           REAL DEL CARMEN                         


CONDO VERANO                         GOLF C1                                  



Vacation rentals in Playa del Carmen are very nice wheter you already know Playa del Carmen or if you are planning to know it, we have many of the best condos and villas available today at affordable prices. With us you get luxury, comfort, service and peace of mind during all your stay, because you can count with us for anything, no doubt about it you get much more than vacation rentals in playa del carmen with us you get great service!.

We as company, want you to experience the level of comfort, privacy, luxury and that chic feeling of being part of the town safely in our condos and villas rentals in Playa del Carmen.



We are owners and cofounders of’ve lived here for over 18 years and we have 12 years of experience in the local Playa del Carmen vacation rentals, CONDOS, CONDO RENTALS, & VILLAS services.

In the early times Playa del Carmen was a very small place, nearly as the 1/10 of what is now…we’ve seen and experienced it’s growth, so we can assure you, we know it like the palm of our hands.…and our mission is to give you an incredible friendly experience with  the best rates on the market of vacation rentals in playa del carmen.

Do you want to party all night and then watch the sunrise on the best condo rentals in Playa del carmen? Then we have vacation rentals options for you near mamitas beach and Playa del carmens night life..

Or maybe you imagine yourself and your family and beloved ones in the relaxed, comfortable and exclusive zone of Playacar near to the beach...we have the perfect villa and condo in that area so you can spend an unforgeteable time in Playa.

Go ahead and check our Playa del Carmen condo rentals available today, or call us, or send us an email at

We simply give to our guest the most reliable, honest and outstanding service. That’s why we manage only the best Playa del Carmen vacation rentals.

 Here's just a small sample of what our guest said about our service and condos and villas in Playa del Carmen:

"The perfect Honeymoon spot"

 What a beautiful vacation rentals in playa del carmen you have. We stayed here for our honeymoon, and it was exactly what we were looking for. Our favourite spot was of course teh rooftop: what an amazing view ! We really got quite the feel of the Mexican culture.  The locals are nice and we have had some fun and entertaining cab rides!  It took us a while to find a payphone but we found one close to  by the corner of calle Flamingo and 38th street (accross from the restaurant). The Mojitos are deadly at 'La Parilla? Restaurant and you will definitely need a siesta after having one of those! We will be back to get another vacationn rental in playa del carmen with you !

Stuart Prescott, From North Vancouver, Canada,

"One of the best new year experience i ever had"

Since i made the reservation of a vacation rentals in playa del carmen I had an exceptional service, the agent was friendly and she help me with everything i need. The appartment was so nice, clean and had all the amenities that the agency offer, the location was extraordinary just two blocks away from playa mamitas and one block from la quinta avenida. The whole trip was amazing but an important fact of it was the appartment and the service granted! With nothing else to say i will highly recommend the agency and will look for it again in a future trip for our next vacation rentals in playa del carmen.

Jackie Michelini, From Florida, USA,

"5 star service"

We were in one of the best vacation rentals in playa del carmen (a villa) for 6 months We felt that our house was very well maintained When there was a problem it was taken care of in hours , not day's. the repair crew was very professional . The people in the office helped with anything you ask them . The cleaning was perfect every week. The treatment in the villa was like a 5 star hotel for the price of a condo. Great barbecue and swimming pool and close to town and the beach We highly recommend SunFun Vacation rentals in Playa del Carmen

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 Get ready to unwind and have some fun!. Just take a look at our  Playa del carmen vacation rentals.




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